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The "We're All Trumped Up Tour" 2020 is headlined by country singer-songwriter, Kenny Lee. He is known for his original 2016 campaign song, "The Trump Card," and more recently for his 2020 campaign song,“We’re All Trumped Up.”  Those two songs along with his patriotic song, entitled "The Flag,"  have gone viral across the nation. Kenny was recognized in 2016 by President Donald J. Trump. [see photo below]  

Two special guests and organizations joining Kenny Lee will be: 

Dale Herndon, the National Director of "Bikers for Trump," along with 360,000 members of "Bikers for Trump" across the nation. This organization is recognized by the President and was instrumental in his protection during the 2016 election.  Also, Couy Griffin, The National Director of "Cowboys for Trump," along with over 60,000 members nationwide. "Cowboys for Trump" was recognized by President Trump when they traveled on horseback across the nation in support of President Trump and conservatives values.

We all must unite on this tour across the USA to help all Republican Party candidates to win, take back the House, and hold the Senate on a local and national level. We all stand behind President Trump 100% and we will continue to show our support for him throughout this tour and give him the House and keep the Senate. We are not tired of winning. 

The "We're All Trumped Up Tour" is a 'not for profit' organization. We rely solely on sponsorships and donations from our fellow conservatives and we must join together to win the fight of a lifetime.

This is the most important election in the history of our country. We must stand together in this fight and not let the  Democrats take over our lives, or the America we've loved and fought for could be lost forever.

TOGETHER we can help stop this from happening by supporting the "We're All Trumped Up Tour" 2020. We must make our voices loud and clear throughout our Nation.


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"We're All Trumped up TOUR" Campaign RALLY Song.

"We're All Trumped up Tour" campaign rally song for Donald J. Trump's re-election 2020.

Kenny says, "We must not fail. We must keep him in office 4 more years. Our country is finally on the right path." 

Guest stars, Supporting Artists, and National Speakers



Juliana Lawrence: "America Strong"  

Stephen Patrick AK": Alaskan gospel recording artist and speaker for God and Country

Jimmy Parker : "A Soldier is Worth It To Me"  

Rusty: "If You're Left You Ain't Right

Tonya Watts:  "I Am Somebody"

Darryl Castillo:  "Stand Up"  


Mason Weaver: Speaker (A voice of  reason for all races of the country). Author of the best seller, "It's ok to leave the Plantation" 



Jonay. : "Patriotic songs" 


"We're All Trumped up tour" Across America Starts april 18

"We're All Trumped Up Tour" headliner, Kenny Lee,  singing "The Flag" Live in concert. 

Also in the video, "Bikers for Trump" are seen riding in to honor the flag that was draped over the coffin of Master Sergeant Keith E Lyle, a true American hero that stood, fought, and gave all for our great Country. 

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Mason Weaver Bookstore

Renowned author, (Clarence A.) Mason Weaver, is a former black activist from the Civil Rights Era and a disabled Vietnam Veteran. From an ex-black panther to a strong voice for conservative American values, he walked away long before it was popular. He is also a prolific speaker and author of 8 books, which include his best seller "It's OK to Leave the Plantation," and "Diamond in the Rough." His message of hope for the future has been heard across many nations and platforms on spiritual, political, economical, and cultural issues. He also supports and campaign for President Donald Trump. Mason Weaver has been quoted as to saying, "President Donald Trump is the greatest President in our nation’s history.”  Mason Weaver is all Trumped Up for 2020. Go now to our "SHOP" page to order his books. 

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Local ABC NEWS station in El Paso reports Tour FOR APRIL

UPDATE: Show is set for April 18th